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Process Mapping

Process Mapping


Process mapping is a powerful tool for understanding, documenting, communicating, and improving processes.  Process mapping is also a powerful tool for training current and new employees on a process.  The tutorial teaches individuals and teams best practices for process mapping.  Best practices include starting with the “as-is” process before attempting to define the “should-be” process, having teams document their own process using Post-its on paper on a wall, identifying waits, handoffs, moments of truth, pain points, line of visibility, and using dots to identify and prioritize potential opportunities for improvement.  The tutorial also shows how to combine the best ideas from flow charts and value stream maps in a process map.  Professor Hill is fond of asserting that “all work is a process and all processes can be improved.”  This tutorial is the result of over twenty years of consulting and teaching using process mapping tools.  This tutorial ends with a one-page summary suitable for use as a handout.  (8 pages)

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