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Tutorials consist of best practice solutions for common challenges in business.

Note: These tutorials are supplemental to the Six Essential Skills of the Managing Me framework.


Tutorials are continuously updated with the latest research to equip you with best practices for solving common business challenges: from root cause analysis and role clarification, to goal setting and process improvement.

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Case Studies

A visit to the clinic (A)

First Aid box on pink BG

Worst to first at NNN

Case Studies

Resource Catalog

Our resource catalog, consisting of 69 time-saving tutorials and 29 workbooks, is updated on a regular basis, and covers a range of topics at both popular and advanced levels, including:

  • Strategy

  • Forecasting and planning

  • Lean thinking

  • Project management

  • Process improvement

  • Supply chain management

  • Service operations

  • Quality management

and more.

Resource Catalog

The Encyclopedia of Operations Management

Ops. Management

The Encyclopedia of Operations Management (EOM) is an ideal “field manual” for the entire field of supply chain and operations management, with numerous tables, figures, graphs, photos, equations, Excel formulas, and references. In addition, the EOM is a valuable tool for black belt and green belt training for lean and lean sigma programs. 

Please note: We ship only to destinations within the USA.

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Workshop payments
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